Using The Dow Theory To Predict Stock Markets

The theory was developed by one of the true geniuses of the stock trading world. Charles H. Dow, and his theory was the idea that revolutionized stock market trading.  When correctly interpreted it can predict market trends accurately and timely. It has worked its magic for over 100 years. In most all of my publications I give the short statement that  succinctly and simply outlines the entire statement.

01/09/2017 info for The Dow Theory and savings portfolio are posted below. Click and select. has a compilation of my Dow Theory charts listed under the Public Charts menu.  It will be listed as f. Dow Theory & FAVORITES – Click this URL and my chart will appear. If for some reason that doesn’t work,  and you are not a member,  go to Free Charts and search under the Educational & Support Category  and click Public ChartLists  for the entire list.  My URL can be selected there.

I have a a TradeStation account That I call my savings account. Originally it was a buy and hold account. I found that didn’t work when the precious metals took a big hit recently. Now I trade it like I do all of my accounts. There will be a daily record maintained and when any stock needs selling or buying, it will be done. The one difference is that I will probably keep a small amount in the account. My tracking can be applied to your personal use if you Desire to copy me. Just understand that there are no guarantees.

My  detailed chart images clearly depict how the Dow Theory can be applied.  If you use the principles , as they are stated, you will understand how it can work in any equity situation.

Below is the entire list and I will add any buys or sells of additional issues as they occur.  Copy each URL into your Browser to view the listed stock symbol.  BEEV – Long 100 shares (a small amount because it is not currently doing well).  Currently it is down to $3.03.  Copy the following URL to your browser.                                                         This is a penny stock I hold in my $2500 trading account. The technology is dedicated to helping agricultural production and an environmental protection innovation. The chart is encouraging a buy area in a short time. Since it is experimental it may not make it even though it appears very worthwhile.

GLD – Is a gold ETF and is one way to hold the precious metal in easy to trade quantities. I have built a 21 share holding buying one and two shares at a time. Since I have watched its progress it has become profitable. Copy the following URL to your browser.                                                                                                         

GPRO: On 02/27/2017 Bought 10 shares for GPRO for $93.20 to keep under $100 trade. COPY TO YOUR BROWSER. GPRO chart. 02/27/2017 – Bought 10 shares of GPRO for total cost of $93.20.

PLG was dragging its feet so I sold 175 shares to help pay for GPRO,
PLG – Is a platinum ETF and similar to gold except it is a penny stock. Copy the following URL to your browser.

RSSFF – This is a penny stock that has made some money during the time I have held it. Copy the following URL to your browser.  The current holding is 500 shares. the shares will be add or subtract using Dow Theory techniques.

SLV _ The Silver ETF. I have been able to build this precious metal holding from a few shares to 140 and currently is is up to a profit of $59.24. Even when it had the downturn I did not short. COPY TO YOUR BROWSER.

XXII – Another penny stock that has done well through all markets. Currently it is up a little and the holding is 500 shares. COPY TO YOUR BROWSER.                                                                                   

Currently I am studying  CSCO as a potential short candidates.   See above for GPRO.
CSCO short. One of the reasons I like to short stock is to get the credit instead of having to shell out capital.

There is a very astute trader, by the name of Oliver Velez, who believes that when price gets too far above the Daily Moving Averages, it must “snap back”.  I am also a believer, and for additional reasons.  Cisco’s entire Float ( Shares available for sale) are held by Institutions, Mutual Funds and Insiders. Now. those guys are going to have to make some profit sometime. I believe it it is shortly forth coming. So, I may short as much as the platform will allow and gather the spoils. The results will be published daily. COPY The URL TO YOUR BROWSER.