Trading Philosophy

My trading approach and philosophy: Hundreds of trading entities both good and bad vie for your attention;  but I operate my site for my own and a few other small investors edification.  Since I need it anyway I like the idea that someone else may be interested in using my methods to achieve a measure of success.  At midpoint of 2013 I decided to work with a $3500 account, and this site will be for small investors with as little as 250 dollars.   Now the reason that most subscription sites want you to have a large account is because you will not get rich quick or lose large amounts in a small account.  With a $3500 amount, I discovered that I could make frequent trades and still stay in the game.  Currently I have 0ne client that started trading witn 250 dollars and two with $500.  I expect to add more quickly to my trading account when I become adept at my new approach. So as you can see my methods are not going to make you rich. Trading is hard work and a Daily Grind. If you are not at a point in life where you can dedicate the time, then hopefully you can use my information and become knowledgeable an adept at trading learning as you apply the strategies.

myot-2014-fAbsolutely Free Research on Chosen Trades: Unless you want information you cannot find on my site, then for a small subscription rate I will help you research a stock of your choice.

What I Provide in My Published Research: At least an 80% (not guaranteed), chance of winning and I usl Honesty in all personal research that I present. If  it  is wrong then it erroneously came  from an out side source. I give my sources credit for the information that I borrow.

Some of the Methods I Employ: When I’m ready to research a trade I usually check the stock’s real time chart at my membership site on   if I want additional information to support my research, I log into Yahoo Finance, a free site.