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This is a totally free site about My trading approach and philosophy: I am currently upgrading to benefit those who have my books and those who want to use the Dow Theory to inhance their trading.

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The way this works is to follow the trades and charts. The only way to trade is to believe in your own concepts and to use what sounds appropriate to YOU,

The reason that most subscription sites want you to have a large account is because you will not get rich quick or lose or make large amounts in a small account.  With a $3,500 amount, I discovered that I could make frequent trades, and still stay in the game. Read More.

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Trading With Limited Funds: Using Dow Theory Concepts

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by Don L. Markham © 2013

About The Author. In the late nineteen eighties, by law I had to use a Full Service Brokerage Service. I won’t mention their name but I can tell you the “account managers” did well financially. The most I ever paid for a trade back then was one hundred and eighty seven dollars, that’s right $187.00. The least was around forty seven dollars. To make any money you had to buy in large lots of at least one hundred shares. And even small amounts of shares did not lower the cost enough to warrant making any trading mistakes. Everything has changed because of the Internet. The longer we have the internet the more trading will be accessible to everyone. So now days, all you need is to develop your trading method and stick to it.
Introduction: There is no easy answer
Chapter One: Indicators and their use in every day trading
Chapter Two: Actual chart information and explanation
Chapter Three: The Chart’s main graphic section
Chapter Four: The lower Indicator section
Chapter Five: The Chart Attributes section
Chapter Six: The Dow Theory
Chapter Seven: Thoughts and Ramblings
Chapter Eight: Follow Up Information
Chapter Nine: The Kiss and Tell Phenomenon
Chapter 10: How Hard Do You Want to Work?

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